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Ultimate Guide to Elopements and Micro Weddings in Telluride

Published on February 5th, 2023

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Elopements and Micro Weddings in Telluride CO

If dramatic mountains, epic alpine lakes, and endless adventure sound like the perfect setting to get married, it’s time you look into weddings in Telluride, CO! This place is seriously magical and caters to everyone who might be coming with you to celebrate your day. The town itself is super cute and filled with good food and shopping. Plus, being nestled in a deep valley, the views are breathtaking everywhere. Telluride is unbelievably gorgeous year-round! Hands down my favorite Colorado town to act as a home-base for elopements and intimate weddings. 

Why Telluride is an Incredible Elopement Destination

The first time Alex and I came here was for our 5 year anniversary and we were blown away. Even being from Colorado, we felt like we were in a different country because the mountains are so unique in this part of the state. It was an inspiring experience, and since then I’ve been obsessed with the San Juan Mountains.

When advising couples for their elopement destination, I try to help them see beyond the actual day of their wedding. Most likely, you are going to spend several days in the location you pick for your elopement. This is why Telluride is an incredible option. There is so much to do. The most gorgeous hikes, paddle boarding, camping, world class skiing, free gondola…and most importantly, good food and drinks 😉 It’s just a romantic place that has it all!

Where to get married in Telluride

Ready to dive into a sneak peek of the possible places you can say your vows? This list could go on forever, but here’s a taste of some of the amazing places Telluride has to offer.

  1. San Sophia Overlook
  2. Alta Lakes
  3. Last Dollar Road
  4. Bridal Veil Falls

Intimate Weddings in Telluride at San Sophia Overlook

If you are having guests and want somewhere easily accessible and close to town, this is your place. Imagine riding up the gondola and getting married with the iconic view of Telluride as your backdrop. It’s a top of the world experience and one that makes it easy (and fun) to include your most important people. Definitely one of the best options for micro weddings in Telluride. Who doesn’t love a gondola ride?

San Sophia Overlook Wedding

Adventure Weddings at Alta Lakes

Are you and your crew up for more adventure? This destination includes getting to drive up a rugged dirt road to an alpine lake with gorgeous views. It’s a great spot for both elopements or a small wedding. What I love most about Alta Lakes is that the alpenglow is top notch! You could even host your intimate wedding at the Alta Lakes Observatory for a truly immersive experience.

Last Dollar Road Weddings in Telluride

Another great spot for intimate weddings in Telluride. The views up here are breathtaking and it’s another easy one to get to. Win win! This one is particularly gorgeous in the Fall as the road goes through aspen forests as it winds up to give you a gorgeous view of the Wilson peaks.

Bridal Veil Falls

This area has become very popular so if you choose this area for your ceremony, just know there might be a few onlookers. I do, however think it’s an incredible option to include in your day. The road in recent years requires a high clearance 4WD, but for you hikers, there is a new trail that comes across two other waterfalls. It’s so gorgeous, 3 waterfalls in one hike! The views along the way as you climb to the base of the falls are surreal as you are surrounded by steep walls of the mountain sides. This would be an amazing place if you wanted to have a little adventure with just the two of you. Maybe a picnic near the falls or a place to give each other a gift. Nothing like chasing waterfalls on your wedding day!

Elopement in Telluride

Reasons to have your elopement or intimate wedding in Telluride

  • The views from everywhere are out of this world
  • Amazing restaurants
  • Telluride is a fun, lively town
  • There is so much to do
  • Telluride has the best hiking
  • So much adventure and exploring to be had
  • Makes an incredible place to honeymoon
  • The mountains are so unique
  • It’s home to some of the best waterfalls in Colorado
  • Close to hot springs
  • It’s luxurious but you don’t have to break the bank to be there
  • Not as crowded as other mountain towns in Colorado
  • Lots of options for private dinners
  • Amazing wedding venues in Telluride to host a ceremony

Best Places to Stay in Telluride

If you’re having a wedding in Telluride, chances are you’re going to need somewhere amazing to stay. This all depends on the experience you are going for. Having a small intimate wedding with your closest friends and family? Consider renting out a huge mountain home to have as a central spot for the group to be together. Eloping with only the two of you? Maybe splurge and get a cozy room at the Madeline or Lumier up in Mountain Village. These rooms have incredible views and who doesn’t love a good pool and hot tub area? The gondola runs until midnight so it’s a fun, and romantic way to go down to Telluride, have a night out, and not have to worry about driving back.

Or stay down in the valley! I love being able to walk out of a place and immediately be where the action is. If you like historic places, check out The New Sheridan Hotel or the Dunton Townhouse

New Sheridan Elopement

Things to do in Telluride

This is truly what makes weddings in Telluride so incredible. It’s more than just your wedding day. You get to have your first adventures together as a married couple without having to jetset out of town. The San Juan Mountains are unique and there are endless places to explore. A lot of these can be included on your wedding day! This area is filled with the most breathtaking hikes to pristine alpine lakes, waterfalls, deep forests, and mountain tops. Here are a few of my favorites: Bear Creek Trail. Bridal Veil Falls, and See Forever Trail.

Not the hiking type? Maybe look into braving one of the mountain passes (with a high clearance 4WD) to get to some of Colorado’s most “Out of this World” places. I suggest making it a day trip and doing the passes from Ouray or Silverton. 

Speaking of day trips. Do the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway. It’s a big loop that goes through Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Ridway, and brings you back to good ole Telluride. Amazing views along the whole way and a great way to explore quite a bit of the San Juan region. 

Soak in some natural hot springs. This might be my favorite thing to do, let’s be honest. There are several hot springs within an hour of Telluride: Ouray Hot Springs, Orvis Hot Springs (clothing optional if you want to make things spicy), and if you are up for a completely immersive and luxurious experience, go stay at Dunton Hot Springs.  

Lastly, explore the amazing restaurants that Telluride has to offer. There is so much good food here. Here are a few of my favorites: The Caravan Middle Eastern Food Cart, Coffee Cowboy, There…, Siam, Little House, The Butcher & The Baker and so much more!

Meet Your Telluride Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I’m probably a lot like you. An outdoorsy nerd that prefers the grandeur of the wild to almost anything indoors. Being out in nature, especially the mountains of Telluride, is where I feel most alive and free to be myself. It’s no wonder why photographing adventure elopements comes so naturally to me. Getting to take adventure-seekers like yourselves to these awe-inspiring places and helping you have an incredible wedding day experience is the best job I could ask for. Between my love for hiking and being a mom of 3 young boys, I was made for this. Prepared for anything, remaining calm, and overloaded with snacks! Let’s grab beer and start dreaming up your Telluride Elopement!