hey There
Hello! I’m Rachel, an adventure-seeking, outdoorsy, Colorado girl with a camera and a heart for capturing epic memories for amazing people.
I have lots of passions, but two of my biggest are living in the moment and exploring the outdoors. Photography allows me to put the two together. Getting to capture memories for down-to-earth couples and families who love to hike and explore is the best job I can imagine! I love what I do and I pour my heart into creating images that reflect your authentic story in awe-inspiring locations. 

That’s what I do. Here’s a little about the girl behind the camera. I have a vivid memory of just having moved to CO and experiencing the thrill of being on a mountain top for the first time. I was only 5 but since then, I’ve developed a passion for the great outdoors; hiking, camping, and snowboarding every chance I get. I'm a bit of a nerd, really laid back, and don't take life too seriously. A few of my favorite things include yoga, beer, Harry Potter, mountain tops, and 30 Rock. I'm pretty obsessed with my husband and two boys (duh!) and doing life with them is the best adventure I could ask for! Scroll on and hover over the photos if you want to see more about my life and interests!
hiking up mountain tops
forcing my children to explore
being a mom to these goobs
"bad" weather
buying matching jackets with alex
everything fall
mountain top sunsets
hiking with the fam
having jude help me get in shape for hiking shoots
nerd life
mumford & dodger
showing my kids how wonderful winter is
camping & smores
emerson & jude